Consulting area “Company administration, treasury and finance”

In this area Farnetani Consulting provides technical advice, aimed at optimizing the economic and financial management of the company. The consultancy can be addressed both to the administrative staff of the company, and to the management who wants to understand the problems. Particular attention is often given to improve the information channels between the administrative area and the management, to allow a proper and timely decision-making. The salient aspects of this area are the limitation of costs, mainly for human resources, in the administrative area and the limitation of interest expenditure in the financial area. In the financial area, operational and easily manageable instruments for forecasting of company liquidity are increasingly required.

Administrative management

-Reorganization of the administration area
Reorganization of administrative processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness
Definition and optimization of operating modes and workloads
– Analysis and interpretation of the company balance sheet
Critical and summary analysis of the business performance that can be deduced from the income statement
Linking balance sheet data with the budget and operating control of the company
Creation of periodic reporting
Creation of budget dashboards and training for their use and interpretation
Creation of reports on all the economic aspects of the company

Financial management

– Optimization of the financial management of the company
Optimization of active and passive treasury management
Definition and optimization of operating modes and workloads
– Forecasting and monitoring of cash flows
Creation of financial forecasting tools and training for their use
Assistance and training in the response to situations of financial criticality
– Customer credit management
Creation of procedures for the assessment of solvency of customers
Optimization of credit control and customer payments processes