Consulting Area “Commercial and sales management”

In this area Farnetani Consulting helps the company to propose itself to customers with effective, modern and penetrating methods. From the setting of the commercial structure, to the management of the salesmen up to their training, the company is assisted in every phase and aspect. Creating  excellent products and find answers to customer needs, without communicating effectively and convincingly is pointless. The commercial structure in its entirety, both as offices and as sellers, must become the “spearhead” of the company with which to penetrate the market. And all this happens if everyone works, in this area, with professionalism, motivation, lucidity and competitive spirit.

– Organization of the company’s commercial structure
Evaluation of organizational choices relating to commercial activity
Development of the organizational structure and related human resources
– Definition of the appropriate sales and customer contact techniques
Choice among the various options available for conducting the sales activity
Development of the processes and procedures for conducting the sales activity
– Creation of operative techniques of research and contact of the potential client
Definition and structuring of customer search methods
Setting up of the operative modalities, from the contact to the conduct of the visit
– Control of compliance with sales targets
Creation and monitoring of sales budget
Definition of a system of result indicators and a suitable rewarding system
– Creation of human resources suitable for the commercial success of the company
Development of selection processes for sales personnel
Training and coaching of sales staff
– Creativity and innovation in customer research and sales management
Search for innovative sales methods to be created from scratch and not used by competitors
Innovation procedures in the conduct of the negotiation and the sales meeting
– Creation of monitoring and reporting systems for sales activities
Organization of sales activities and their reporting
Monitoring of the productivity and operation of individual vendors
– Procedure for creating estimates and offers
Techniques and procedures for creating and selecting quotes and offers
Optimization of operative processes of the tender office
– Internal organization of the sales office
Optimization of the operations of the sales office and its components
Development of internal and external communication procedures
– Definition and organization of after-sales activities
Definition and optimization of after-sales activities
Overview of after-sales activities as a source of competitive advantage