Consulting Area “Cost accounting”

In this area Farnetani Consulting supports the company in understanding, analyzing and managing all its costs. These can be raw materials, with their scraps, losses, dispersions, or labor cost, up to the general costs, with their problems of imputation to products. Speaking of costs means first of all to understand their dynamics: because they are born, who originate them, how they vary. When is Understood their dynamics, it is possible to manage them, impute them, count them and, above all, reduce them.

Analysis of business costs

Analysis and interpretation of the costs of products and services
Control procedures for direct industrial costs
Processes and methods for creating production bills of materials
– Analysis and interpretation of costs of business complexity
Analysis of the correlation of company costs with the size of orders and production lots

Analysis of business complexity in logistics, administration, production, research and development
– Actions to reduce direct business costs
Actions to reduce direct business costs such as raw materials, waste, drops and direct labor
Identification of costs, inefficiencies, waste and activities that do not create value

-Actions to reduce general business costs
General cost reduction actions related to business support activities
Identification of costs and activities that do not create value, waste, inefficiencies

Analytical and industrial accounting

-Creation of industrial and analytical accounting systems
Creation of simple systems based on cost cards on spreadsheets or management systems in use
Definition of data management processes and training for their use and interpretation
– Management consulting in projects for the computerization cost accounting
Definition of strategies and objectives to be achieved
Contribution of management consultancy alongside the internal or external IT technicians
– Cost control relating to production orders with a view to project management
Definition of project management procedures to control contract costs
Development of contract management processes aimed at containing costs