Consulting Area “Human resources and individual productivity”

In this area Farnetani Consulting focuses attention on the single human resource, on its characteristics, on its motivation and its competence. It starts from the way to select it when it is hired, to the way of evaluating it when it is already within the company. We assist the company in the delicate phase of motivation, necessary to have not only the time of the people, but above all their enthusiasm, necessary to create real value for the customer. Equally important is the way in which human resources are inserted within the company processes, therefore their roles and their autonomy, appropriately managing the ability to assume proxies. Everything is always seen both from the perspective of the company, which requires human resources capable and motivated, and from the perspective of the person, who is passionate about roles that provide satisfaction and interest.

– Evaluation of individual human resources
Analysis of their role, activities and results
Changing the roles of people and consequent training
– Analysis of the roles and delegation system
Check of the real assignment of autonomy and delegation to the individual persons
Creation of growth paths for people to better manage the autonomy received
– Motivation and culture
Analysis of work climate, motivation and sharing of corporate culture
Actions aimed at the orientation of human resources towards achieving the objectives
– Analysis of skills
Verification of the level of training both of individuals and the structure as a whole
Planning of training actions aimed at covering the identified gaps
– Rewarding and incentive systems
Analysis of the expectations and needs of individual human resources
Planning of training actions aimed at covering the identified gaps
– Selection of human resources
Identification of missing figures or roles and identification of their characteristics
Collaboration with the company in the selection process of specific human resources
– Ability to innovate and solve problems
Training people to think in an original, innovative, creative way
Creation of skills in people aimed at solving problems