Consulting area “Innovation, creativity and product development”

In this area Farnetani Consulting inserts creativity and inventiveness into companies. Through special consulting and training techniques, the mentality is changed and the company becomes versatile and reactive. All this through a mix of transmitted concepts, strategies, procedures and tools. New ideas, solutions, products, uses, attempts, opportunities, goals that create enthusiasm and an exponential increase in the competitiveness of the company. The mentalities that are created are suitable to face the current competitive scenario, made of complexity, uncertainty, disruptive and sudden innovations. All this is applied not only to product development, however crucial in the success of the company, but to every aspect and problem of the company’s activity.

– Incorporation of structures, culture and mentality of innovation and creativity into the company
Transfer of motivation, skills and techniques for innovation and creativity
Change of the company strategy and operations towards an innovative culture
– Individual skills for innovation and problem solving
Training people to think in an original, innovative, creative way
Creation of skills in people aimed at solving problems
– Tools and systems of creative break and strong problem solving
Innovative techniques of creative breakdown aimed at thinking differently
Ability to see solutions and opportunities where they are not immediately visible
– Creation or optimization of the process of creating new products
Creation of processes for creating new products or services
Creation of organizational structures aimed at the rapid and effective creation of new offers for the market
– Creativity and innovation in customer research and sales management
Search for innovative sales methods to be created from scratch and not used by competitors
Innovation procedures in the negotiation process and in the sales meeting
– Creativity and innovation in the search for market segments
Search for innovative market areas to be created from scratch or not beaten by competitors
Innovation procedures in market evaluation to break the usual patterns