Consulting Area “Management and control of orders”

In this area Farnetani Consulting focuses on the orders, be they for production, that is the orders of the customers, or the internal ones, that is the projects of the company. It could therefore be the orders of the manufacturing company, the building sites, the internal project for the development of a new product. In any case, the company has the problem of understanding and respecting its costs, of planning and respecting its timing, of organizing its development. Understanding how and in which cases to start a work, how to do it and how to close it, is absolutely fundamental and often vital for every company.

-Reorganization and optimization of production orders management
Redefining the processes of acquisition, management and control of job orders
Training of people and creation of a project culture within the company
– Procedure for creating quotes and offers
Techniques and procedures for creating and selecting quotes and offers
Optimization of participation in tenders and operation of the tender office
– Creation of a production control management system
Definition of project control processes
Monitoring of compliance with quality requirements, time and cost of the contract
– Costs control relating to production orders with a view to project management
Definition of project management procedures to control contract costs
Development of contract management processes aimed at containing costs
– Project Management, guidance and assistance on specific external or internal projects
Assistance and management consulting on specific internal or external orders
Direct guidance as project manager in important external or internal contracts
– Creation or optimization of the process of creating new products
Creation of processes for creating new products or services
Creation of organizational structures aimed at the rapid and effective creation of new offers for the market