Consulting area “Management and optimization of purchases”

In this area Farnetani Consulting focuses on the processes of supplying the company with everything needed to operate. All aspects of the passive cycle are addressed, from the choice of suppliers to the management of the warehouse, from purchasing strategies to strictly operational aspects. This area of business management is sometimes overlooked compared to the sales or production cycle. However, taking care of it and optimizing it has a very strong impact on the competitiveness and profitability of the company.

-Reorganization of the purchasing and procurement area
Definition of objectives, processes and responsibilities within the purchasing area
Analysis and optimization of connections and interactions between the purchasing area and other business areas
– Definition of purchasing and procurement processes
Definition of the research processes of new suppliers and selection among the opportunities identified
Optimization of the balance between search for new suppliers and management of existing ones
Reorganization of warehouse management
Analysis and optimization of inventory detection and movement procedures
Improvement of inventory valuations and final stocks
– Optimization of production bills of materials for the purpose of unloading the warehouse
Creation and control procedures for production bills of materials
Management of bills of materials in order to interpret the complexity of the company
– Management and control of strategic foreign suppliers
Management and financial control procedures for strategic suppliers
Performing checks and on-site assistance to the suppliers themselves