Consulting Area “Management control and reporting”

The purpose of this consulting area of Farnetani Consulting is to allow the company to completely control the company. While the strategy decide where to go, the management control check if the company is actually going in that direction. Simple, but articulated budget and control systems, will allow easy verification of the results, efficiency, costs of the company as a whole and its individual components. All at the level of both forecast and actual, allowing the company to immediately locate critical areas and make the resulting decisions.

– Company budget system
Creation of periodic budgets and definition of operating procedures
Definition of budget control and reactive action processes for deviations
– System of objectives linked with organization chart, areas of responsibility and budget outcomes
Mapping of the company and its division into objectives to be achieved and responsibilities to be assigned
Creation of indicators of efficiency and effectiveness consistent with the responsibilities and objectives assigned
-Efficiency of the company or its parts
Creation of systems to monitor the efficiency of sectors of the company
Definition of actions for the recovery of efficiency where not sufficient
– Price congruity of products and services
Definition of the operating methods for setting company prices
Development of tools and procedures for checking price congruity
– Management control of production order
Definition of job control processes
Monitoring of compliance with quality requirements, time and cost of the orders
– Creation of the management control function in the company
Definition of objectives and creation of processes, tools, reporting
Location and training of human resources for the function