Consulting area “Organizational structures and business processes”

In this area Farnetani Consulting helps the company to organize and structure itself, optimizing the way in which all its parts interact with each other. The essence of the company is people, but in today’s complexity it is not only the individual operator that counts, but how the group as a whole manages to create value for the customer. The assistance to the company can concern various levels of this aspect. A first level is how the company is structured at the level of organization chart, internal division, general approach. At a lower operating level we have the modalities in which the activities are managed, their sequence and the related processes. The processes to be optimized can be general for the company or specific for certain sectors. In any case, the ultimate goal is always to combine effectiveness (creating value for the customer) and efficiency (do it with as few resources as possible).

Organization and processes

– Setting up organization charts and organizational structures
Verification of the functionality of the current structure and its optimization
Concentration of the whole organization in the pursuit of the company strategy
– Optimization of non-production business processes
Analysis and re-engineering of organizational processes and individual activities
Creation of mentality in the human resources aimed at optimization of activities and processes
– Increase of the efficiency of the company divisions
Analysis and increase of the operational efficiency of the single business functions
Creation of control tools aimed at continuous monitoring of efficiency
– Management of the flow of internal information
Analysis and improvement of the flow of information between the various operators and offices
Creation of structures, systems, processes, aimed at increasing internal collaboration
– Improvement of management structures
Analysis of directional modes and vertical flow of information
Development of methods aimed at improving leadership and the chain of command
– Computerization of the company
Organizational analysis aimed at verifying the level of computerization
Actions, training, change of culture aimed at increasing the level of computerization

Organization of specific functions or processes

– Administration, finance and management control function
Improvement of treasury management, management control, reporting
Increase of the efficiency of the sector through a careful analysis of the activities
– Purchasing and procurement office
Monitoring of the balance between relations with current suppliers and the search for new opportunities
Search for efficiency by optimizing information with the entire company structure
– Research and development function
Inclusion of concepts and mentality of innovations and creativity in the research and development area
Orientation of research and development activities to achieve company strategy
– Commercial functions
Improvement of their action and incisiveness
Close coordination of their action with production and treasury
– Orders and projects management process
Organizational setting for projects and orders
Optimization of management and activities of project managers