Consulting area “Strategic and operational marketing”

In this area Farnetani Consulting assists the company in defining its market offer. This aspect, crucial for the company’s competitiveness and success, is addressed both from the strategic (what to do) and the operational (how to do it) point of view. The consultant provides his own analysis methodologies, while the company makes its own contents. The consultant’s methodologies are how to deal with the problem, what questions to ask, how to rationalize the alternatives, and what decisions to make based on the company’s answers. The company’s contents consist of an in-depth and daily knowledge of the world in which it operates, of the customers and of their characteristics. The more effective the marketing activity is, the more effective the sales activity will be.

Strategic marketing

– Analysis of the characteristics of the market
Evaluation of the competitive environment, of customers, of the potential for the company
Analysis of market developments and penetration hypotheses
– Analysis of the company’s positioning and its products
Critical evaluation of the company’s competitiveness compared to its competitors
Consequent actions and projects for the recovery or increase of competitiveness
– Analysis and understanding of the customer and his needs
Analysis of the expressed and not expressed needs of the customers
Customer purchase process and participation of the different players that influence the choice
– Market segmentation
Subdivision of the market into homogeneous segments for customers and their characteristics
Analysis of the company’s competitiveness in the various segments
– Identification of market niches
Search for small segments where the company can move and gain a position of strength
Development of procedures aimed at exploiting the niche
– Creativity and innovation in the search for market segments
Search for innovative market areas to be created from scratch or not beaten by competitors
Innovation procedures in market evaluation to break the usual patterns
– Tools for analyzing and monitoring the activity of competitors
Analysis of competitors and comparison with our own company
Organizational procedures and tools to continuously monitor the activity of competitors
– Analysis and evaluations related to penetration in foreign markets
Study of the foreign competitive environment and its penetration potential
Setting up penetration projects, from simple export to joint venture
– Management of the geographical location of the company
Analysis and management of relocation projects to foreign countries
Analysis and management of relocation projects to the national territory

Operative marketing

– Definition of the product and the service to offer on the market
Choice of the product mix on which to base our competitive advantage
Set up the appropriate changes to the current offer of the company
– New product development projects
Project setting and definition of its economic, financial and time variables
Guidance as a project manager until the objective is achieved
– Definition of distribution and sales channels
Analysis and evaluation on the best forms of product distribution
Optimization of current forms of distribution and sale of the product
– Fixing sales prices
Definition of right sales prices to maintain competitiveness and profitability
Setting up the variables such as discounts, rewarding and other accessory forms
– Definition of forms of communication
Analysis and selection of communication methods suitable for market penetration
Definition of forms of integrated communication for the company image